What Sets Viking Necklace Apart From Other Designs

viking necklace

When we hear the word ancient Vikings, what pops into our mind? The picture that we imagine is about the kings with long spears, swords and heavy shields. The jewelry is not at all imagined when the Viking word strikes. People of Viking era made beautiful ornaments, bracelets, rings, necklaces and much other jewelry both for men and women. They used all types’ materials like bronze, iron, gold, silver, resin and amber. During Viking era I 800 AD the ornaments were very simple but as times passed more ornaments were used and made.

Necklaces – the Viking necklaces are made up of different precious materials such as gold, silver, natural fiber and iron wires of different lengths and sizes. Every viking necklace is unique; the necklaces are collection of designs that are ranging from wolf design to Norse Viking symbols.

viking necklace

The Viking necklaces are masterful pieces, the necklace portrays abstract and geometric patterns, and the necklace includes images of nature, animals and mythology which sets them apart from other necklaces. The Viking necklaces are reproduced from the authentic Viking jewelry to maintain the design of the ancient Viking cultures.  The customer can buy the necklace depending upon his hobby and purpose. Other necklaces comes only in few patterns and of the material used is commonly gold, silver and diamond but this is not the with the Viking necklaces.  One of the unique features of Viking necklace is that they are all unique in its design and size.

Variety of Viking necklaces

  • Thor’s hammer necklaces – the necklace is made of silver with a snake chain or king chains. The chain can be used to add a split ring or attach Viking Thor’s hammer giving it an ancient Viking look.
  • Slim Viking necklaces – this slimmer silver necklaces comes with anchor links, king chain or snake chains. The customer can wear is according to his desire or add asiliver Viking pendant.
  • Braided leather Viking necklaces- the braided leather Viking necklace offers its customer the choice of selecting the pendant inside it. The pendants are basically a ferocious wolf, Gotlandic dragon, Icelandic wolf heads which are available in bronze or sterling silver material.

The Viking necklaces are of different design and look and with ancient Viking cultures that sets the Viking necklaces unique and people like to have one of the Viking jewelry making it the popular product across the world.

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