Understanding A Career In Interior Design

A career in interior design is considered glamorous and lucrative. They work in both the public and private sector. Their work entails more than just picking colors and making them complement a living space. Curious about what you can do with a career in interior design? The path to success of boulder interior designers is not easy as anyone think it is.

The Job of Interior Designers

Interior designers enhance the function, safety, and aesthetics of interior spaces taking into consideration how colors, textures, furniture, lighting, and space will complement each other to meet the requirements of occupants and visitors. Interior designers work in both private and public sectors such as in homes, retail, education, corporate, and medical.

What Are The Educational Requirements?

To become an interior designer, you will need two to four years of education from a professional design school or university. Boulder interior designers have an associate or certificate degree after attending a 2-3 year program or earn a bachelor’s degree by attending a four-year program. After completing college or university education, you would likely become an apprentice at a design or architectural firm for 1 to 3 years under the supervision of an experienced interior designer. With a certificate or associate degree, you would likely work as an assistant to an interior designer.

Licenses and Certifications

Most states require interior designers to be accredited by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification. In order to take the written exam, you need to have six years of combined education—a minimum of two years post secondary education – and experience. To become licensed, certified, and registered with the agency, you need to undergo continuing education.

Opportunities for Growth and Advancement

1 to 3 years of training provides advancement opportunities for interior designers. They have an opportunity to become supervisors or land a job as a chief designer or design department head. Experienced interior designers specialize in one area of design of open their own design company.

The Job Outlook

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the interior design industry will see a faster growth than the average for other jobs through the year 2018. However, it is projected that there will be stiff competition for designer jobs. While there are a lot of people who want to work in the field, only those who have significant formal training and creative will thrive well in interior design.

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