The Perfect Grow Tents for Beginners

People who plan on growing their own cannabis or plants are searching for the perfect grow tent. It is not that hard if you look hard enough. The difficult part is knowing if that particular grow tent is perfect for your place and the plant that you are attempting to grow.

There are a lot of websites that can readily help you with this kind of problem like Grow Tent Experts. It is important to know first of the many products that are on sale online in order for you to make a decision.

Apollo Horticulture Grow Tents

They manufacture high quality grow tents as well as everything lights and inline fans to accessories like air pumps, heating mats and bubble hash bags. They have a longstanding reputation and a lot of loyal customers who trust them for all of their hydro products. Apollo grow tents are made of thick, durable, tear proof material with a light absorbing black outer layer and a highly reflective mylar inner layer as well as a removable mylar floor.

Milliard Grow Tents

Their grow tents have been completely redesigned in recent years in response to customer feedback. They now have features such as all metal framing and connectors with push locking (no need for tools), metal rings, double zipper flaps and double enforced seams to prevent light leaks, and double ducting closures. There are also easy to access circular openings for installing ductwork of any size for your inline fan ventilation. The removable mylar floor makes clean-up a breeze as well. The inside of each tent is completely covered with reflective mylar to increase the potency of your lights.

G-Leaf Diamond Series Grow Tents

They are super rugged and durable, come from a well established and trusted company, and will stand up to the test of time, offering the best protection in your grow op year after year. The Diamond Series gets its name from the Ultra Reflective Diamond Mylar used inside of the tents. The non toxic tent is made of black 600D polyester canvas on the outside and extra reflective mylar on the inside to increase the power of your lighting. The frame is made of extra strong 16mm steel to hold not only the tent but even the heaviest lights and ballasts as well. Of course, they also include features such as built in ducting hook-ups and see through plastic peek-a-boo windows. The zippers are heavy duty and made out of metal, not plastic, so they will last much longer and not get stuck. These grow tents can be assembled in minutes and are ready to use straight out of the box. The thing that really sets G-Leaf apart from the competition is the huge number of size options they offer. They have nine grow tents to choose from, ranging in size from small enough to fit in a closet to large enough for a commercial sized grow op.

These are some of the best Grow Tents that are available in the market today. So if you are planning on buying one, please do read the description and make sure that it is perfect for you!


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